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At Jenkins Institute, we are committed to providing an environment that promotes and protects Children's health and well-being. We strongly support healthy eating and physical activities. For more information on this please contact Ife Cromwell-Milton at 843-469-0336.


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Jenkins Institute is currently a "level One Group Home" for girls ages 12 to 21. 

Level 1 Group Care

(Historically known as Low Management programs or Emergency Shelters.)

The purpose of Level 1 programs is to provide twenty-four (24) hour care and supervision for children/youth who for a variety of reasons cannot reside in a lesser restrictive community setting (regular foster homes).  Services may be recommended for a child/youth who currently meet the following criteria for this level of care:

  • Children/youth who are coming into care of SCDSS because of abuse or neglect.
  • Children/youth who are in the custody of SCDSS and have not been successful in foster home placements.
  • Children/youth in a sibling group and need to stay together.
  • Children/youth who are in the custody of SCDSS and for which there are no foster homes available.

Upon request we can accept temporary "Emergency Placement" of girls that are classified as level 2.  The reasons for the level 2 classification must be disclosed, and accepted by our program director, based on our ability to meet the needs of the child in question, on a case by case basis.

Level 2 Group Care

(Historically known as Moderate Management, or Group Care Intermediate programs.)

Level 2 programs provide supervision and a greater intensity of programming required to manage children/youth who present less intensive problems than those in a higher level program (Level 3 or PRTF) but more than Level 1 programs.  Children/youth will receive twenty-four (24) hour supervision, sixteen (16) hours of which staff members are awake.  Services may be recommended for a child/youth who currently meets both of the following criteria for this level of care:

  • The child/youth is experiencing moderate to serious relational or behavioral problems.
  • The child/youth is not able to function successfully in a less restrictive environment.

Children/youth in this level of care may have a history of impulsive behaviors, aggression and/or alcohol or drug misuse.  They may have a history of inability to adjust and progress in a public school setting.

Children/youth may have displayed moderate to low sexually reactive behaviors.  They may have patterns of runaway episodes, have difficulty maintaining self-control, display poor social skills and/or have difficulty accepting authority.


If you have questions please contact:

Program Director / Social Worker

Ife Cromwell-Milton

Phone: 843-744-1771

Cell: 843-469-0336

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