Jenkins Institute

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Healthy Living

Eat Right & Exercise 

At Jenkins Institute, we are committed to providing an environment that promotes and protects Children's health and well-being. We strongly support healthy eating and physical activities. For more information on this please contact Ife Cromwell-Milton at 843-469-0336.


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Member and Position

Johanna Martin-Carrington – Chairperson

Ed Bodkin – Member

Joan Bryan - Member

Carolyn Bynes - Member

Julia Campbell - Member

Birdie Cody - Member

Terry Dias-Pasley - Member

Evelyn Foster - Member

Barbara Braithwaite Hazelton - Member

Debra Holt - Member

Gloria Jenkins - Member

Barbara Lambright - Member

Joe Lambright - Member

Linda Miller - Member

LaSheia Oubre - Member

Linda Rouvet - Member

Doris Smith - Member

Toby Smith - Member

Elizabeth Williams - Member