Jenkins Institute

Over 125 Years of Caring


Healthy Living

Eat Right & Exercise 

At Jenkins Institute, we are committed to providing an environment that promotes and protects Children's health and well-being. We strongly support healthy eating and physical activities. For more information on this please contact Ife Cromwell-Milton at 843-469-0336.


About Our Name

What is now "Jenkins Institute", was formerly "Jenkins Orphanage". Our Board of Directors decided to change the name because today there are no real orphanages in America.  Displaced children become wards of the court, and the court places them in "Foster Care" that is monitored by the "Department of Social Services (DSS)." At times "Private Foster Care Homes" are not a fit for children, so these children are placed in "Foster Care Group Homes". For this reason the name was changed to "Jenkins Institute for Children."

Later we ran a pilot/test program where adult women that have had their children taken from them could come to Jenkins, and live with their children under supervison, after completing court ordered rehabilitation requirements. With the start of this program Our Board decided to shorten the name to "Jenkins Institute."


We are Proud of Our History, and in 2012 We registered the name "Jenkins Orphanage" with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office: